DIY: Make a bath mats from old towels

f you have a bunch of old towels that washed millions of times, there’s no need to finish the bucket. Here’s how you can recycle them and make something that you really need from them.

You need it:
– Three old towels in your favorite colors
– A needle and a thread

How to make a bed:
1. Fold the towels in half and cut into strips of approximately 2.5 to 3 centimeters. You will need about 13 such mid-size mats.
2. Take one strip of each color and tie them at the ends.
3. Start knitting a knit from these three lanes and try to bend the edges inward so as not to see the unoccupied ends.
4. On the resulting braid, trim three more straps and continue knitting until you get one long braid.
5. Reinstall the rug while shaping it and see how your circular mats are getting bigger and bigger.
6. Sew the ends and almost!

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