Do it yourself: little pom pom bath pad

Although the carpet is not something you think you can do yourself, there is a very simple do-it-yourself method that only requires yarn and scissors. To start this project, you will need to create a bunch of giants.

There are also ready-made pomps, that is, kiosks, which you can buy in hobby by shops, but if you do not want to use ready-made gloves, you can make them yourself.

The number of kires you will need depends on how much you want your carpet to be large. The carpet on the photographs is the size of the mats and is made out of 48 tassels arranged in 6 rows by 8. But the same concept can be applied to a larger carpet.

When you make a bowl, place them in a pattern that you like based on their size and color. Cut out pieces of yarns that measure the length and width of your carpet and distribute them into the net. (you can also buy a ready-made netting in the shops and simply tie the tassels to it) Then tie each tassel to your place online. It works best if you start from the outside and go to the middle.

When you engage all the gingivers, cut off the excess of the tow and place the carpet with the “grid” facing the floor. That’s all – enjoy your new carpet!

This project can be easily adapted to fit your interior with different colors and patterns. You can make a carpet that is in one color. You can also make rugs with stripes.

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