Make a bath mats from river rocks

Want to replace your ordinary bath mats with something completely original and unusual? Make a phenomenal bath bedding from river pebbles.

This simple rug will give your bathroom a completely new dimension and looks different, chic and sophisticated, and your hand to the heart is not a particular effort to make it.

Required material:
A thin mats made of rubber
Provisional contact glue

To begin, start looking for pebbles, walk up to the river and get as many stones as you like, with a lot of shapes of different colors. If you do not know where to find stones, ask them at the stores where building materials are sold and “do it yourself” projects can you buy them.

Wash the stones and dry them and simply stick them on the rubber mats in the order you want. Agree the mosaic yourself according to your taste.

When stacking the stones leave the mats to dry the adhesive, preferably overnight, and then the next day, put it in the desired place in the bathroom.

You can also take this mug as a gift for moving friends and family members, we are sure that they will be more than enthusiastic.

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