Make a buffy mats

Want a completely special, unique and unique rug for your or children’s bedroom? Then you just have to make this puffy mug that will delight anyone who sees it.

We found this idea on the Lotsofdiy blog and at first glance won us completely. Try to make it yourself in your own home. The process itself will safely entertain you, and the result will be fascinating.

From the material you will need a solid net (the one that can be used for mosquito protection) and a lot of wool of different colors, of course, if you want your mats to be colored.

To start, measure the mesh and cut it into the size you want your rug. Then proceed with the preparation of the buffers. Make as many puffs as you can to cover the entire net

After you have made the puffs time I will put them on the net.

You can stick them up one or the other, or you can make them feel easier. When you put your puffs tightly on the mesh, cut the ends of the fur scissors and your little masterpiece is ready to show.

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